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Welcome to Our Pony Oddity Page & Stuff

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Sparkle-Pony & Cool Breeze

A Daughter & Mom My Little Pony Team

Hello My Little Pony Friend!

We were Pony, when Pony wasn't cool.

Our daughter, Michelle, found a Pony when she was three years old and would not let her go-it was the Yellow "Bubbles" Pony . . . we have bought every pony we have found since then, even the pitiful ones because we feel sorry for them--they are not counted in the total. 

We have over 1000 Ponies now and over 1000 Pony related items!!!

Michelle is 14 now and we even have "Pony Names" as you can see at the top.  Michelle took her name from a flying Pony that is part of the Windy Wing Set, and I took my name after a set of ponies that sparkle.  We are involved in  numerous My Little Pony (MLP) Chat Clubs and everyone has a Pony Name.

 When  people think of Ponies, many times they think of just the soft plastic vinyl type of Ponies . . . WOW, get ready because the secret is out.  We have been collecting more than just Ponies, make sure you go see some of the "Pony Oddities" from the US and from around the globe we have in our collection.

Hey see our Link below for MORE Pictures of our Pony Collection

My other Pony Page with MORE Pictures - eBay

Remember, if it doesn't say HASBRO, it is NOT a "real" My Little Pony!!

Below, you will find some of our favorite links.  Drop on in, they welcome visitors as much as we do.


Favorite Links

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May Your Rainbow Of Light Always Shine!

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